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Dispensing Caps are a type of closure that is able to dispense product from a container or bottle. Dispensing caps include snap-top, disc-top, snip-tip, turret or directional spout, push-pull, twist open-close, Yorker, hinge, shaker, spice, single or dual flap and spigot styles. You may have seen dispensing caps on many items in the food and beverage industry like sauce bottles, drinks, syrups, condiments and spice jars, to name a few. Personal care and cosmetics is a large category for dispensing caps where they can be found on hair care products, sunscreens, lotions, hand sanitizers, creams and more. In pet care, they can be seen on shampoos, aquarium chemicals, fish food, and medication. Household cleaners often use dispensing caps along with arts and crafts products like glue or paint.

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