Mckernan Packaging Clearing House


Sets/Kits, Droppers, Makeup Brushes, Measuring Cups/Spoons, Tins, Plugs, Dip Tubing, Other Accessories

McKernan has a large assortment of standard packaging like plastic bottles, glass bottles, plastic jars, glass jars, caps and closures, pumps, and sprayers. McKernan also stocks many miscellaneous items like sets and kits, droppers, makeup brushes, measuring cups and spoons, tins, plugs, dip tubing, and more.

Sets and kits are generally made of two or more packaging components. For example, a cylinder round, a continuous thread lip gloss applicator and wiper are combined to create a lip gloss set. Sets can include categories like jar sets, bottle sets, dropper sets, airless packaging, tins, collapsible tube sets, boxes, make-up sets, or trays. Sets can also be almost any combination of packaging components that are matched to create a complete or nearly complete package.

Made with a plastic or glass pipette at one end and a bulb at the other end, droppers are often used in the pharmaceutical, personal care, or pet industries. Pipettes can have a tapered, bulb, blunt, or bent tip with some containing graduated measuring lines. Some droppers are tamper evident and/or child resistant closures. Most droppers are black or white with a clear pipette, but some are metal shelled or have a colorful bulb.

Makeup brushes and accessories include many types of brushes such as kabuki, mascara wands, makeup brush sets, and powder brushes for eyebrow, eyeshadow, blush, foundation, or concealer. This category also contains spatulas, lip balms, makeup pans and lip gloss applicators and sets.

McKernan carries tins in our wholesale line from ΒΌ-ounce rectangle up to a 4-ounce cylinder with other sizes available in our Best Value line. Often, metal tin sets are silver in color and can have seams or be seamless. A few types of closures on these tins include a sliding or flat closure or a press-on closure that is made of solid metal or with clear plastic on top.

Measuring cups/spoons include cups, scoops and spoons. Most of these are made of Polypropylene (PP) and can come in a variety of colors with natural being the most common. The cups or scoops can come with or without a handle, while spoons usually have a handle. Scoops or spoons are generally a single measurement, while cups show graduated measurements. These can be used for or measuring product like drink mixes, dry or liquid ingredients, medications, food supplements, laundry applications or in the home & garden industry.

Plugs can be used on many styles of bottles, including plastic bottles and glass bottles. Plugs include orifice reducers, dropper tip reducers, nasal applicators and plug closures often used for sample perfume vials. Another type of plug that is usually found with the continuous thread closures is a Euro-drop orifice reducer. These Euro droppers work well with most fragrances, essential oils, herbal extracts and more.

McKernan Packaging Clearing House is able to offer custom dip tube lengths for most wholesale and surplus fine mist sprayers, lotion pumps, treatment pumps, foamer pumps, trigger sprayers, crimp sprayers and almost anything else that contains a plastic dip tube. If these items need a dip tube or need a different length dip tube, there are several sizes of tubing in stock and McKernan can rework many sprayers or pumps for an additional fee.

Other accessories include an assortment of products including portion cups, pails, bags, trays, collars, applicators, fitments, sealing discs, boxes, stoppers, pots, and more. This category is constantly changing with new and interesting items being added weekly.

Since there is such an assortment of packaging items available, be sure to ask for samples to test with your specific product for compatibility. Add your samples to your cart or call 1-800-787-7587 and ask for a Sales Representative for assistance.