Crimp Sprayers, Fine Mist Sprayers, Garden Sprayers, Regular Mist Sprayers, Trigger Sprayers and Garden Sprayers

McKernan carries millions of sprayers in stock including crimp sprayers, fine mist sprayers, regular mist sprayers, garden sprayers and trigger sprayers.

Crimp sprayers and fine mist sprayers both spray using a fine mist. Crimp sprayers are often used for perfumes and fragrances and pair beautifully with perfume bottles. Common sizes for these crimp sprayers include 13mm, 15mm, 18mm and 20mm crimp finish and can come with or without actuators.

Fine mist sprayers, also referred to as atomizing sprayers, finger sprayers or pump sprayers, are popular to use for hair spray, body spray, air freshener, cleaning products, crafts, sunscreen, and oral care. Regular mist sprayers are similar to fine mist sprayers, except that they have a higher output generally ranging from 0.30cc to 0.75cc and a larger particulate size. Crimp, fine mist and regular mist sprayers are more commonly found in personal care, like hair care, beauty and cosmetic. However, these sprayers are also used for pets, automotive, and home & garden applications.  Want to learn more about the anatomy of a fine mist sprayer?

Garden sprayers and trigger sprayers are often used in the home & garden industry to apply water, pesticides, herbicides, plant food and other substances to your garden and plants. In keeping with home and garden, trigger sprayers can also be used for cleaning products, air fresheners, sanitizers, wood restoring oils and more.

Trigger sprayers tend to have a higher output, around 0.60cc to 1.6cc, than mini triggers which have outputs similar to fine mist sprayers. In addition to home & garden use, trigger sprayers and mini trigger sprayers can be used in the personal care industry with hair care and sun care, auto industry with cleaners and polishes, and the pet care industry with spray-on medications, just to name a few.

With different styles, colors, and outputs all of these sprayers can be found in use in every industry including hair care, automotive, home & garden, beauty, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and pet care.

Since there is such an assortment of outputs and applications associated with sprayers, be sure to ask for samples to test with your specific product for compatibility. Add your samples to your cart or call 1 (800) 787-7587 and ask for a Sales Representative for assistance, and remember to ask for matching bottles for your sprayers.