Collapsible Tube Caps, Child Resistant Caps, Continuous Thread Caps, Dispensing Caps, Metal Caps, Container Lids, Overcaps, Hoods

McKernan supplies millions of caps or closures at wholesale pricing. These caps include collapsible tube caps, child resistant caps (CRC), continuous thread caps (CT), dispensing caps, metal caps, container lids, overcaps, and hoods.

The most common types of closures are continuous thread caps which are also called CT. These caps fit on most glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal bottles, glass jars, plastic jars, and tubes. In addition to solid plastic caps, continuous thread caps can also include applicators and brushes. The common characteristic with these caps is that they are a threaded closure.

Dispensing caps are a type of closure with an opening that allows product to be dispensed without removing the cap. Dispensing caps include snap-top, disc-top, snip-tip or Yorker style, turret or directional spout, push-pull, twist open-close, captive hinge, shaker, spice, single or dual flap and spigot styles. See examples of dispensing closures. Other popular styles of dispensing caps include Euro oval, beverage style, and symmetrical closures. Dispensing closures can have a continuous thread finish or in some cases be a snap-on finish. 

Collapsible tube caps are generally symmetrical fitting closures that are on a collapsible tube. Symmetrical caps are usually a double shell closure that sits flush on the container. These caps can be either a continuous thread or a snap-on finish and often the top of the cap is flat allowing the packaging to stand on the cap. Some of these closures are able to dispense product using a snap-top, sponge applicator, or twist open and close.

Available in continuous thread, ROPP, crown and lug finishes, metal caps are most often used with glass or plastic bottles and glass or plastic jars, especially in the fresh pack, canning, and food & beverage industries.

Container lids are a simple cap that is usually a snap-on finish or a friction fit. Most lids are made of plastic but some can be made of glass or metal. Some of those made of glass or metal can be used with candle glass and have a decorative top. Overcaps and hoods are similar types of caps that are often found on fine mist, regular mist or crimp  sprayers or treatment pumps. These closures, like container lids, often have a snap-on or friction fit finish.

Some caps offer safety properties. A child resistant cap, or CRC, uses mechanisms creating difficulty for children to open a container. Some of these styles include snap-safe caps, squeeze tab caps, squeeze and turn caps, and push and turn caps. Often, you will see either written or pictorial instructions on top of the cap. Read more about child resistant caps.

Another safety element of caps is a tamper evident feature which can be a ring on the neck, a safety button, pull tab, or other device showing a product has been opened or tampered with.

Many closures either have no liner, a sealing disc, a liner or a combination. Types of sealing discs include linerless, plug seal or valve seal, which is similar to a claw seal or land seal. Liners can either be bonded to the closure, or they can be loose inside the closure ready to adhere to the top of the container, sealing it when the closure is added. These liners include foam, cone, foil, pulp, heat seal, PV, pressure sensitive, wax, plastisol, pulp and foil, EVA, and pulp and oil. Learn the characteristics of different liner types.

Since caps are fixed to bottles, jars and tubes, they can be found in every industry including hair care, automotive, home & garden, beauty, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and pet care.

With such a wide variety of sizes, colors and types of closures for sale, be sure to ask for samples to test with your specific product and container for compatibility. Add your samples to your cart or call 1 (800) 787-7587 and ask for a Sales Representative for assistance.