Home & Garden

McKernan carries a large supply of packaging for the home & garden industry. Packaging carried by McKernan includes many applicators, plastic bottles and jars, collapsible tubes and aerosols with matching closures, pumps and sprayers.

A few items specific to home & garden include hose end garden sprayers and plastic bottles. These sprayers generally attach to a hose on one end and the other end attaches to the top of a plastic container filled with pesticides, herbicides, liquid fertilizers or plant food making it easier to spray large outdoor areas. Some of these garden sprayers are battery operated, simplifying the task of spraying even more. These hose end sprayers are appropriate in cleaning applications for large areas, including windows, exterior walls, sidewalks and more. For smaller areas or smaller applications, trigger sprayers with matching trigger bottles, are ideal. Trigger sprayers can also be used for cleaning products, glass cleaner, air fresheners, sanitizers, wood restoring oils, and other household chemicals.

Aerosols offer another way to package products like pesticides, herbicides, cleaning products, air fresheners, sanitizers, wood polish, glass cleaner, and household chemicals that are pressurized by a propellant gas.

For lawn and garden applications, plastic bottles with a shaker closure can also be used for pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or plant food with a granule or powder base. Often, these plastic bottles are an F-style bottle or handleware, making it easier to carry the container.

F-style and handleware bottles along with smaller, plastic bottles are used for detergents, fabric softeners, soaps, toilet bowl cleaner, and household chemicals. Many times, a type of handleware will contain a drain back spout where a drain back cap is made specifically for them. Other closures that fit well with these plastic containers for household use are continuous thread closures, child resistant caps (CRCs), lotion pumps, foamers, mini trigger sprayers, and dispensing caps like push-pull, turret or directional spout, disc-top and snap-top caps. Another type of packaging that is great for household cleaners, dishwashing detergents, and wipes are larger plastic jars.

A part of the home & garden industry that also uses smaller, plastic bottles for items like glue or paint is arts & crafts. Pair push-pull, disc-top, snap-top, twist open-close or turret caps with these plastic bottles to create a fun package. Collapsible tubes and smaller plastic jars are other packaging ideas for glue, paints, glitter and more. Candle glass can be a part of arts & crafts for homemade candle kits, decorative vases or other arts & craft kits.

If you searched our website and were unable to find packaging for your home & garden line, please call us at 1 (800) 787-7587 and we can recommend a solution. We can customize anything in our wholesale line and even assist in locating unique items. From color to design, we are here to help you achieve the perfect package!