Precycle® Packaging

What does Precycle ® Packaging Mean?

Precycle ® Packaging is pre-consumer recycling. It involves re-purposing unused surplus goods. It is much more cost effective than recycling which, at best, only returns the price of raw material minus processing costs.

When someone uses the precycle ® packaging option,

they allow McKernan to intercept an item before it becomes waste and put it to its intended use. This is different from recycling, which is focused on items after they become waste. In both cases the desired end is the same: cutting down on the drain of our natural resources. Surplus Quality Discount Packaging

The Precycle ® Packaging program is very much an "earth-friendly" concept, developed by McKernan to enable and empower manufacturers to cut down on corporate waste by selling us their unused packaging components. Taking advantage of this program also helps companies who need those unused components in the same way. In both cases, the companies involved cut down on waste and are helped where it matters most. The bottom line, customers come out ahead by buying quality packaging at a discounted price, or by selling first quality packaging that they no longer have a need or a use for.

What is the value of the Precycle ® Packaging Program?

Certainly both the companies we purchase from and those we sell to see a positive impact on their respective bottom lines. Our suppliers are able to recoup some of their investment in the packaging materials they have purchased. They also save in the costs involved in shipping unused components to landfills. Our customers, those to whom we sell packaging components, also benefit from our discounted pricing. Beyond that however, the value is priceless. How can you measure in dollars and cents, the decreased drain on natural resources or the decreased amounts of waste materials? Certainly we all benefit in ways that cannot be calculated in terms of profit and loss.