Mckernan Packaging Clearing House

Introducing PCR Packaging

McKernan is proud to introduce
100% PET PCR Bottles
100% PET PCR Jars
50% PP PCR Dispensing Closures
In Stock and Ready to Ship

McKernan Packaging Clearing House has lead the way in the green movement with our Precycle® program. Now, we are continuing to drive awareness of sustainability options with a full line of PCR, or Post Consumer Resin, bottles, jars and closures. Coming late this fall, McKernan is proud to introduce a line of top quality 100% PET PCR bottles and jars in our King line, and 50% PP PCR dispensing caps (turrets and disc-top caps), in stock and ready to ship. There will also be many other PCR options available for special order.

Previously, PET PCR bottles did not stack up to the quality and clarity of virgin PET bottles. McKernan sought manufacturers who could create top quality PCR packaging. In order to do this, we found it is best to start with a stream of recyclable material that is significantly free of contaminants, and that the processing facility has been inspected and certified. McKernan's PCR is sourced from facilities that can produce the desired quality and are certified by Global Recycled Standard which is in turn accredited by the SLAB which meets ISO/IEC requirements. Technology has come a long way, and when starting with the high quality PET PCR, these recycled bottles and jars share many similar properties as virgin PET. These PCR packaging components are beautiful, while also being green and environmentally friendly.

Call 775-356-6111 or 1-800-787-7587 to speak with a sales representative for more information or to reserve your order of PCR Packaging from McKernan.