Mckernan Packaging Clearing House


Cans, Caps, Valves, Non-Aerosol Cans, Can Ends, Actuators

McKernan carries aerosol products that include cans, caps, valves, bag on valves (BOV), non-aerosol cans and can ends, and actuators.

Aerosols are most often thought of for spray paint or hair spray. In addition to hair care, automotive and home & garden, aerosol is also used in beauty, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and pet care industries.

Aerosol cans usually have a one-inch finish with McKernan carrying valves, actuators and caps to match. Actuators and caps at McKernan are available in a wide variety of colors and styles, including mousse style, horn style and sprays. Aerosol cans are available in traditional straight-sided but also be found in a round and a bullet. While the basic color on these cans is the color of the metal, also known as prime, they can also be found in white, champagne, and black.

Non-aerosol cans and can ends are types of open cans that are not pressurized by a propellant gas. Non-aerosol cans typically are made of metal or a combination of metal and composite without one or both ends. Many of these kinds of cans can be used in the food and beverage category or household use. McKernan carries can ends to fit many non-aerosol cans. Often, these can ends can be plain or have a pull tab.

Since there is such a wide variety of sizes and types for aerosols, be sure to ask for samples to test with your specific product for compatibility. Add your samples to your cart or call 1-800-787-7587 and ask for a Sales Representative for assistance, and remember to ask for matching caps, actuators and valves for your aerosol cans.